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Helgesen360 hold the skills and experience to compliment your professional team.

We are available to assist you in your needs Worldwide.

While a majority of our services are done at our office, we will travel to your location as required.

Located in Cebu, Philippines.

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Aviation Consulting & Engineering

Extensive experience with the planning, implementation, and review of large scale, multi-site CNS/ATM projects.

We cover most of the technical and operational aspects of aviation but have particular experience in; CNS/ATM, Satellite Navigation and Satellite Surveillance.

Business Consulting & Back Office Services

We cover most of the business aspects but have particular experience in; Business Planning, Project Planning and Cost Benefit Analyzing.

We offer back office services worldwide, conducted in the Philippines with Philippine cost level.


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CEO Tor Helgesen

Born in Norway.

Has extensive experience from industry and government.

Has experience from:

Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, UK, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Mauritius.

Formal education;

Master of Science in Computer Science, NTNU (University of Trondheim, Norway)

Master of Business Administration, BI (Oslo Business School, Norway)

Currently working as:

CEO Helgesen360,

Independent Expert for the European Commission,

Professor NKI (Computer Science, Economics and Management).

Chairman and owner of CebuArea & Cebu Smart Home.

A private pilot for 25 years.

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