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Helgesen360 hold the skills and experience to compliment your professional team.

We are available to assist you in your needs Worldwide.

While a majority of our services are done at our office, we will travel to your location as required.

Located in Cebu, Philippines.

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Aviation Consulting & Engineering

refers to both avionics and infrastructure.


Was responsible for implementation of the FANS (Future Air Navigation Systems), and later CNS (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance) as defined by ICAO for Norway.

Satellite Navigation

Initiated and managed the Norwegian GNSS program.

Was responsible for development and implementation of GBAS (Ground Based Augmentation System) ground stations at regional airports, and GBAS avionics on the aircrafts that operate these airports. Including Technical, Operational, Certification and Legal aspects.

Was certified in 2007.

Satellite Surveillance

Initiated and managed the ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) program for the helicopter traffic in the North Sea.

This included specifying, developing and implementing both avionics and ground infrastructure.

ADS have been mandatory in the North Sea since 1999 based on GPS and Inmarsat data-link. SEE VIDEO

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CEO Tor Helgesen

Born in Norway.

Has extensive experience from industry and government.

Has experience from:

Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, UK, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Mauritius.

Formal education;

Master of Science in Computer Science, NTNU (University of Trondheim, Norway)

Master of Business Administration, BI (Oslo Business School, Norway)

Currently working as:

CEO Helgesen360,

Independent Expert for the European Commission,

Professor NKI (Computer Science, Economics and Management).

Chairman and owner of CebuArea & Cebu Smart Home.

A private pilot for 25 years.

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